On The Go Again

So, I finished the two hats I was working on… But I again find myself knitting on the go. This time I’m starting a couple baby blankets. This one is kind of peachy in color, so I hope SOMEONE has a girl!


My only problem with sitting in the backseat and knitting is that my bag is by my feet because there are two others in the backseat with me. Don’t get me wrong! … Its roomy, burg its still three people in the backseat!  We’re on our way to 3 Doors Down concert and its a five hour drive. Got the tickets before it was announced they would also be in our hometown… figures… Anyway, we’re about halfway there. Bout time for a potty break!


Anytime, Anywhere…

I know its been awhile since my last post. Nearly a year, as a matter of fact. A lot has gone on since then, yet so little has changed. I’m no longer working two jobs, because my secondary job is done… Store is closed. I’ve also been on a break from classes. I took a break because of working the two jobs during holiday shopping season… it was just too frustrating and difficult… not enough time for work, sleep, and studying. However I will now have the time needed for studying.
I have started and finished a few yarn projects, and I’ve frogged a bunch of them too!
So, anyway… As far as my knitting, I’ve been bringing projects with me when I can. For instance… If I have time on break I can knit at work… Or when we go to the roller rink I can knit there (I can’t skate anymore! )-:  )…


[roller rink ^^^]

Or I can bring a project to a Super Bowl party….


[Super Bowl party…^^^]

Like the post title says… Anytime, anywhere… Don’t be shy! Knit with friends, in a coffee shop, in a mall, the library… Wherever you can… If I am a passenger on a car ride lasting 20+ minutes, I knit!

Now back to the game and back to my yarn!!

Ahhh… Spring Is Here

Or is it? Woke up yesterday to snow on the car. Yeah. Snow. In April. Welcome to the North Country and Upstate. Don’t like the weather here? Wait a minute…

Anyway, I’ve been busting my butt working and doing school work. But I’m still looking for quick easy ideas I can make as gifts. I have become a Pinterest junkie! Its not so much that I re-pin a lot of things. Its just that when I get looking at things on Pinterest I start following the links and I lose track of time. There are some really cute and cool ideas on there! Not just for knit and crochet either. I mean food, other crafts, home and garden decor, backyard ideas, and even products to buy. I’m sure most people by now have at least looked at Pinterest, even if they do not have an account on the site. Matter of fact, I took a break from school work to look at Pinterest, and then took a break from Pinterest to post to this blog! lol  Kinda crazy!

What I am looking for mostly is easy gifts for kids under 6 years, gifts for kids between 14 and 20, and ideas for couples or families. Nothing difficult! I have way too many people to make things for! Just comment here with ideas, or hit me up on Ravelry. My link is on the side-bar here. I must get back to work … blah…

Nightmares Are Made of These


Yeah… that’s right. A bathroom scale is just about the scariest thing on earth. Well, maybe a close second right after spiders, but those are more creepy than scary.  Anyway, I’ve determined I must conquer my fear and stand upon the Almighty Scale. No, I won’t disclose here what my weight is… at least not yet. Perhaps in a couple weeks when I’ve made progress to reducing the digits on the display. In other words, after I’ve lost some of the weight THEN I’ll tell you my starting weight.
I’m working on creating a food journal that I can print out and put into a notebook or folder. I’ll share it here for others to use. I need to get in better shape if I want to be around for my grandkids. Its no guarantee, but its a better percentage! If I don’t make changes, in all probability I wont be around in 10 years… maybe not 5 years… and that scares me.
More tomorrow as I am desperately tired right now.

EDIT: Here are two food journals that you can check out. They are both in Word Document format. The second version is a daily page for a weekly journal. You can see both in the images below. Its a bit misleading, because its not really a full week on one page. It is meant for one page per day, but is more detailed than the first version. Check the screen shot to see what I mean.

Daily Page – Version 1 

 Version 1 Image

Daily Page – Version 2

 Version 2 Image

Looking for direction

Yesterday would have been Mom’s birthday. I had woke up with a migraine, which held on almost all day. Then when I realized the date, I got close to tears. That certainly did not help my headache, that’s for certain. Sat at work for a couple hours before I had to clock in… long story there… but finally, after being nauseous and nearly tossing my cookies, and napping most the day away, the headache went away. I didn’t get much classwork done, and actually, I should be doing some work right now. I’m taking a break for a few minutes to give my brain a rest.

I’m looking for easy but cute patterns in both knitting and crochet. I don’t have a project in mind, but when I see it, I’ll know it… I just need to keep looking.

Nose to the Grindstone!

So… Not only am I back to knitting and crocheting, but my classes have started back up as well. I am still working two jobs, but the second job may not last much longer. Not really sure yet if the owner will keep the shop or close up til next year. I wish he’d just make up his mind already! I do not want to show up for work and find out there is no job! However, if he does decide to keep it open and bring back the merchandise they had last summer and fall, and he lets us put seasonal items on the other side of the shop, I think the store will do well. Not only that, but although it probably won’t be a real busy store immediately, it will give me time to work on school work or my yarn projects while I am at work. Its been getting more and more quiet over the past couple weeks, since the holidays are now finally over!

At this moment though, I really need to get back to my classwork. I’ve got two papers due in a few days, and I need to review them before I submit them.


A Bit of Clean-Up

So, since my blog has been inactive for some time, I thought I might take a look at some of the other blogs I used to keep up with. Most of them are (or were) listed in the blogroll on the side of the page. I ended up deleting more than half of them, because they had not been active in at least a year. I did keep a few that are inactive, however, since they have a lot of useful information and/or patterns on them. Other than that, POOF!!! they’re gone!

So, this week I started and finished my crocheted scarf (because its COLD out there!) and I also finished a pair of stretchy knit slippers/booties for a friend of mine. I also started a pair of knit mittens for myself, and after my scarf was seen, I’ve been commissioned to make one for my district manager’s son, who is autistic. He has a thing for scarves, and soft, fuzzy things. Now, put the two of them together, and he’ll be in seventh heaven! Blue and gray wool scarf, coming right up!

For now though, I’m off to bed… can no longer see straight I’m so tired! Not only that but I need to get up in the morning for work… blah… But its nice to be back here sharing my thoughts! 🙂